Banks will remain closed one after the other till October 6, know how many banks will remain closed in October

If you want to do many things related to the bank in October, then read this news completely because banks will be closed from 1st to 6th in October. At the same time, you should take complete information that how many days will be a bank holiday in October. Because now the festive season has started, due to which the banks will remain closed.

In the context of Bihar, this holiday becomes more special. Because Dussehra is a long holiday in Bihar, Chhath is also a holiday, including festivals and weekly, banks will be closed for 12 days in October, let me tell you that October 2 is a Sunday. This day is also Gandhi Jayanti. Therefore, banks will remain closed from October 3 to 5, there will be a holiday of Durga Puja, due to this, they have been directly penful on 6th.

Apart from this, 8th October is the second Sunday of the month while 9th is Sunday, thus banks will remain closed for 2 more days. This time on October 16, banks will remain closed on Sunday, apart from this, let me tell you that October 22 is the fourth Saturday of the month, while on October 23, it will be a holiday on Sunday, in this way it will be closed again for 2 consecutive days, the same is Monday on October 24. That Diwali will be a holiday, after that October 21 will be a holiday for Chhath festival, due to which the banks will remain closed.

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