New excellent road connectivity from Patna’s Gangapath will start in October, know the route

The Ganga Path of the capital Patna is the only road of the capital Patna, which attracts the residents of the capital Patna. Let me tell you that from R Block, you can come straight to PMCH and Gandhi Maidan via Ganga Path via Atal Path without any traffic without any traffic. Often people of the capital Patna go with friends and families to drive on this magnificent road.

Meanwhile, now there is going to be connectivity of another new spectacular route from Ganga Path. In fact, there will be a new connectivity from LC Ghat to the Ganga Path by October, due to which people will get convenience in commuting on the Ganga Path. Right now the work of digging the road near LCT Ghat in Ashok Rajpath to connect with the Ganga path has started, let me tell you that a bridge has been constructed here for connectivity with the Ganga path and now the work of pitching has started here. has given.

If you look at this new route, then the road is going to be changed in the length of about 250 meters near LCT Ghat, for this work has also been started. The work is going on by digging the road, for this, traffic has also been changed, the same Uturn coming from the south lane road near LCT Ghat will go towards Digha via Ganga Path. You have to go right and left. If we look at the new road, it will make Bihari easier for the people of Boring Canal Road, Anandpuri, Nehru Nagar, Patliputra and Kurji areas to come to PMCH.

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