Indian Oil has launched Smart Composites cylinder in Patna, know what is the specialty

Cylinder is always there in our kitchen but we always have to take special care to keep this cylinder, it is not that safe in terms of safety. But now in the capital Patna, Indian Oil has launched a special type of cylinder which is very special and is considered completely safe. This cylinder is named Cum Cum Composites Cylinder.

Actually, let me tell you that Indian Oil has just recently launched a new LPG Composites Cylinder cylinder for its customer. It has been constructed in three levels. Let me tell you that the composites cylinder will work in weight, which is only 16 kg, this cylinder will not catch any kind of fire. The gas cylinder is also largely transparent. Which you can see the gas directly with your eyes.

Let me tell you that the Yes Cum Composites cylinder is coming in the weight of 5 and 10 kg. Whereas if you want to convert from your old cylinder to less composites cylinder. If you have paid Rs 1500 earlier for Indane, then for composite you have to pay 3350-1500 = Rs 1850 only. This price is for a composite cylinder of 10 kg. If a five kg cylinder is to be taken, then only Rs 2150-1500 = 650 will have to be paid. Explain that for 10 kg LPG composite cylinder, Rs 3350 and for 5 kg cylinder Rs 2150 will have to be deposited.

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