Know many hi-tech equipment including cameras will be installed on these 5 NHs of Bihar

In the coming time, you will see many state-of-the-art equipment including cameras on many NHs of Bihar. They will be installed so that road accidents can be reduced. Right now, a list of cameras will be installed on five NHs of Bihar, has also been released.

On the NH on which you will get to see the hi-tech cameras, in this NH 2 which goes from Varanasi to Aurangabad, the same NH 28 which goes from Chhapra to Bettiah to Lorian Loriyan to Bagaha. The same next NH goes from Patna to Bakhtiyarpur. The NH 130 which goes from Barauni to Muzaffarpur and Muzaffarpur to Piprakothi while NH 57 from Muzaffarpur to Darbhanga goes to Darbhanga.

Let me tell you that the help of hi-tech equipment will be taken to prevent accidents on these NHs. In the road safety review meeting chaired by Principal Secretary, Home Department, Chaitanya Prasad, the measures to prevent accidents were discussed in the last days. Many devices including speed cameras will be installed on these NHs at a distance of every 10 to 15 kms, while a control room will also be set up near the NS.

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